HBV, Northampton


This is an 80 apartment scheme providing urgently needed care for residents within the local community. Each apartment is independently metered with their own electricity, water and gas meters. Each dwelling is provided with Low Surface Temperature Radiators and Thermostatic blending valves for safety of the residents.

Assisted living technology is provided with 24/7 care assistants on site to receive the alarm calls from any residents needing help and support.

There is a commercial kitchen provided so residents have the option of good quality food being prepared for them if they do not wish to cook themselves or require help with their catering needs. There is a commercial laundry on site dedicated for the residents use. Passenger lifts are provided within all 3 buildings. We provided full thermal modelling advice along with the SAP and EPC certificates for all units.


  • 80 Apartments
  • Independently Metered Electricity, Water and Gas.
  • Low Surface Temperature Radiators